Smarter rosters for pilots and cabin crew

We're working hard to get Aeroster ready for takeoff. If you'd like to trial Aeroster before we officially launch, and you don't mind a bit of app-turbulence, let us know.

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Supported airlines

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Friendly and intuitive

Rosters are presented as a timeline of duties, flights, layovers and events

Share your schedule with family and friends

Automatically keep your family and friend’s calendars in sync with your latest roster

Visualise and track flights

View real-time status of rostered flights

Connect with colleagues and peers

Follow other crew and their rosters. Know when you'll be in the same city together

How it works

  • Send or forward your roster to your unique Aeroster email address

  • Aeroster will decode your roster, presenting it beautifully and tailored especially for your family and friends

  • Share your roster by linking to your Aeroster timeline

$48 per year for you
Free for your loved ones

We're bringing friendlier rosters to the world

Born out of the frustration of reading and intepreting my father's roster, I set out to build a smarter way to view his schedule - so I could always know where he was and when he'd be home. Aeroster is a product of this ambition and my hope is that it brings convenience and connectedness to others who also have loved ones that travel often.
· Chris (Aeroster Founder)

Aeroster is a proud participant of the Qantas AVRO program accelerated by Slingshot

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